Some Thoughts on the Coronavirus Covid-19

With the entire world buckling under the strain of the domino effect of the coronavirus on society, and people finding various ways to cope with the stress of it all, it seemed appropriate to drop a few observations into the pot.

It does not do any good to become paralysed with fear and anxiety over this thing. Like a hurricane or a wildfire, these things come along and they kill people, but they pass. And this too will pass. We need to be careful, super-hygenic and sensible, remaining calm and drinking lots of tea to make us feel better!

Many people are panicking as can be seen by the compulsive buying of toilet paper and other goods. With something like this, where you can actually do very little to avoid being infected, people are grabbing at things that they CAN do so that at least they feel like they are doing SOMETHING. But in fact the best thing that they can do is just minimise physical interaction with other people, and stay in their houses or accommodation as much as possible.

Just to repeat at this point, the avoidance actions you can take against the virus: Wash your hands with a virus killing anti-bacterial soap after touching anything outside your house. Do not touch your face at all until you have washed your hands. Do not get closer than 2 metres to other people. (One metre is suggested but I think this is a bit optimistic, and I would be happier with 3 or more metres personally – you can still have a conversation at a distance of 3 metres.) Do not congregate in crowds. Use hand sanitizer if you can’t wash your hands, and then wash them with soap and water as soon as you are able. Don’t shake hands with anybody, and of course, no kissing anyone outside of your own family or house. Eradicate physical contact with anybody outside your house until this is over.

Some people say that this is a punishment from God for the sins of the leaders of the nations, which could well be true. Others say that the Chinese launched this virus on purpose in order to drive overseas stocks down so they could buy up western companies at a fraction of their price. This is also a possibility. Others say it was caused by the unhygienic wild animal eating habits of the Chinese, which caused the virus to jump species, which is the most popular theory. I myself am still collating all the information and sifting out the fake news to try to make sense of the outbreak. What is pretty certain is that it was caused by a combination of greed and poverty.

What we actually need to do is support those who have tested positive, send them messages of encouragement and hope. Also be super supportive of nursing staff and doctors, and also any of those people who have to keep on working to ensure that you have food and supplies. Be kind to everyone at this time, putting aside petty irritations. Everyone is anxious to some degree, so give people some rope, and always be encouraging.

Things to Know and Understand About DOT Physicals

Driving commercial vehicles are of great significance. The drivers are required to be sensible while driving the vehicles. The Department of Transport (DOT) often comes up with special drives to find out of your driver is sensible towards safety measures to their personal life as well as public life. You need to take the initiative at the right point of time so that your drivers can prove their efficiency with the steering wheel. The DOT physical test is a similar drive that checks if the drivers are perfect to carry out their responsibilities as a driver. The test is conducted by registered doctors. The test is conducted strictly on the guidelines of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It ensures if the CDL drivers and various other safety-sensitive employees are in perfect health condition mentally as well as physically.

The entire procedure of DOT Physicals is conducted in the mutual cooperation of the doctors, drivers, and other employees including the employers. However, the employees as well as drivers are required to play their part well. They need to produce the following documents:
• Spectacles in case they wear them
• List of medicines that they are taking at the time of DOT Physicals. They also need to mention their dose.
• Hearing aid if they need them while driving the vehicles
• Yearly checkup report that is prepared by a professional specialist needs to be produced at the time of test.

Things to Expect from the DOT Physical Tests:
The specialists administering the DOT Physical tests are very sensible towards maintaining the standards that are mandated by the FMCSA. As an employee or the employer you can expect the following:
• The doctor will examine and review the health history of the drivers/ employees.
• He will record various physical conditions that would include pulse rate, blood pressure, weight, and height of the employees attending the test.
• Checking the power of the eyes using the eye chart.
• Verifying other physical standards including flexibility of limbs, breathing abilities, and range of motion.
• He should conduct analysis of blood and urine for the addiction with Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, Phencyclidine, and Amphetamines.

Responsibilities of the doctors/ specialists who administer the DOT Physicals:
Usually, the doctors for the DOT Physicals are appointed by the FMCSA. The appointment is based on the qualifications and experience of the doctors. The specialists are required to carry out their responsibilities to the best of their abilities so that they can find the best drivers who are safe for themselves as well as for the people around them while they drive. Following are some of the responsibilities they need to carry out:
• Preparation of the reports to the best of their abilities.
• Preserving the records for future usage
• Providing the right advice to the drivers and others who undergo the test.
• While examining the drivers and others, they must remember and follow the guidelines of FMCSA.

The significance of DOT Physicals is severe and that is why everyone concerned with the same needs to play their part well so that everyone can get complete peace of mind. The success of this initiative can bring safety and security on the road for everyone.

Six Reasons Why Preventive Health Checkups Should Not Be Ignored

Did you know that healthcare expenses in India account for 4.1% of national GDP? In addition, private spending on healthcare (which means costs that the government will not bear) increases up to 70.8% of all country’s health expenditure, according to The Guardian. The alternative then for the common people is quite simple – investing in a small amount of preventive health checkups (which could be totally covered by your insurance) than shelling out large amounts during health crises.

A preventive health checkup can help you in many ways. Not only you save yourself from the trouble of having to suffer through the symptoms of the disease, but it also saves money that you would otherwise be spending on hospital expenses. Continue reading to know why a preventive health checkup is worth the effort.

Why Preventive Health Checkups?

Most health experts agree that the best way to watch out for your health is annual health checkups. Here are some reasons to support the fact why this is important:

Even your car is also serviced twice in a year. No one asks why time, effort, and money are spent on ensuring that their car is being serviced with all the necessary checks, on a regular basis. Our body also needs to be serviced regularly and checked for better functioning. Do you value your health as much as you do that of your vehicle?

You are living a sedentary lifestyle. The reality is that today people are so hooked up to the digital gadgets & computers that even when you aren’t at work, you are surfing the web and basically spending both your leisure time and working hours sitting in front of some type of screen. Then there are those who drink, smoke and tremble at the very thought of daily exercise.

Even healthy people can get sick. While we are young we feel invincible. But as we age, it all begins with random aches, pains and progresses to cholesterol increase, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart attack, to list the very few serious disorders. If we soon started caring about our health, most diseases can be prevented before they could even occur.

Early diagnosis could lead to a cure. There are many diseases and illnesses that have a better prognosis when diagnosed early. This is particularly true for chronic and terminal illnesses, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart attack. Regular preventive health checkups help you find the best treatment alternatives as soon as possible, but also give you better chances of quickly recovering back to health.

Family history tells more about your future health. Family history means you have more chances to end up suffering from a disease like your immediate family. For example, if your father has a history of heart problems or your grandmother has a high blood sugar level, you are likely to experience the same conditions sooner or later.

You Get tax benefits. You also get tax benefits for such health checkups in accordance with Section 80-D of the Income Tax Act. In addition to all other benefits, you may get tax deductions up to 5,000 Rs for health checkups for you and your immediate family.

Needless to say, today life is chaotic and stressful, which increases the likelihood of lifestyle disturbances.

Despite the necessary care we take for our better health, uncertainties increase with our age, lifestyle and not to mention the habit to take our health for granted. Regular preventive health checkups can set a guideline for our health and help us keep tabs on how time progresses. For those who have major diseases running in their family, health checkups become crucial to have control or to slow down the progression of the disease and prepare a holistic approach to ensure healthy future ahead.